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    X Factor wannabes trash Simon Cowell's villa?


    by ODN


    X Factor contestants have apparently trashed Simon Cowell's villa in Spain.

    The boss of the reality show is believed to be renting a £15,000 per night villa in Marbella for judges house's week, which is rumoured to have 20 bedrooms, three pools, a cinema and a gym.

    According to numerous tabloid reports, some of the contestants raided his drinks fridge before going for a dip in the sea and then trampling sand and sea water through the apartment, damaging expensive furniture and ornaments.

    Simon, 50, is said to be furious by their behaviour and is quoted as saying: "Damage will have to be paid out of their first royalty cheque. "

    It is rumoured that Simon Cowell is mentoring the groups this year.