Desert Cabinet Meeting Highlights Environmental Concerns in

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Mongolia's cabinet ministers met under the blazing sun on Friday, seated at tables and chairs in the Gobi Desert, to highlight their country's struggle with desertification.

[Sukhbaatariin Batbold, Mongolian Prime Minister]:
"This meeting was held here to emphasize to all parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that the delay in the new international climate change conventions may cause more negative results."

According to official figures, around 70 percent of Mongolia suffers from the effects of desertification. Decreased rainfall and rising temperatures have caused rivers to dry up and snow covers to melt.

The doubling in frequency of natural disasters in Mongolia's territory during the last two decades is also considered by the government to be a result of climate change.

Mongolian officials have high hopes that the upcoming global climate talks in Cancun, Mexico will bring them favorable policies.

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