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    Floods Inundate Several Villages of Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Floods have disrupted life in several villages of the Gonda district in India's Uttar Pradesh state on Monday.

    Waters from the swollen Saryu and Ghaghara rivers have inundated many villages in the area, leaving houses and roads completely submerged.

    Floods have destroyed vast stretches of cropland, completely washing away the season's crops of sugarcane and rice.

    Hundreds of residents have flocked to safer locations with their families and livestock.

    People are using boats to go to market areas to buy their provisions.

    [Ranjit, Flood Victim]:
    "We are struggling because of the floods; we are using boats to get food and fodder for cattle, going to the markets, rescuing people and rescuing ourselves."

    People have also built temporary tents near roads on higher ground and many were seeking assistance.

    [Ramachal, Flood Victim]:
    "No arrangements have been made by the authorities here; people are using the village boat to get around. Nobody has come here to review the situation."

    This year, monsoon rains have caused extensive floods in several parts of northern India including Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, causing devastation to life and property.