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    Ted Fio Rito & His Orchestra - I'll Take An Option On You


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    Teodorico Salvatore Fiorito (1900-1971) used Ted Fio Rito as his professional name. His name is sometimes given as Ted Fiorito or Ted FioRito. With a career spanning decades, he was a composer, orchestra leader and keyboardist (on both the piano and the Hammond organ). He was still in his teens when he landed a job in 1919 as a pianist at Columbia's New York City recording studio, working with the Harry Yerkes bands--the Yerkes Novelty Five, Yerkes' Jazarimba Orchestra and the Happy Six.He moved to Chicago in 1921 to join Dan Russo's band. When Russo and Fio Rito opened at Detroit's Oriole Terrace, their band was renamed accordingly. However the band returned to Chicago. Russo left the band in 1928, and Fio Rito took over as leader, touring the midwest.Fio Rito reached a national audience through radio programs. In the 40s, the band’s popularity diminished, but Fio Rito continued to perform in Chicago and Arizona. This great record was made in 1933. Vocal by Muzzy Marcellino.