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Director: Randy Kent
Cast: Willie C. Carpenter, Barry Kneller, Rachel Miner, Beth Grant, Dan Lauria, John Farley, Mimi Kennedy, Adam Harrington, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Todd Sherry

Lemon (Barry Kneller) is a repair man, who is unhappy with the way his life is going and
direction it is heading. He wants to do something different than repair things for his job
and get a better life for himself. One day he meets a homeless man (Willie C. Carpenter),
who befriends and inspires him to try to new things and pursue his dreams, going against
the wishes of his father (Dan Lauria), who would prefer it if he sticks to what he knows
best, as he thinks his son is only setting himself up for disappointment. On his journey he
discovers how important it is to believe in himself and with having hope and ambition
magical things happen.

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The cast of LIFE OF LEMON includes Beth Grant (“Donnie Darko” and “No Country
For Old Men”), as Lemon’s worrisome mother; Rachel Miner ( “Bully”), as the caring
woman suffering from a broken heart; John Farley (“House Broken”), as Lemon’s boss,
who owns the apartment building that Lemon lives and works at; and Mimi Kennedy
(“Dharma And Greg”), as the busy and easily annoyed casting director at one of Los
Angeles’s top casting agencies.

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