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    SARL GBF can be reached at -- they seem to be excellent workers, here legally working declared in France. Sam and Mustafa are there to help you. I love the work they have done already, and I am paying them out in installments. The workers have been tipped and they are happy campers. Long live honest work! Praise Allah!

    Check out FREAK WAVE 2 about to be published. My piece in there will amaze you. You have never known anyone such as myself. Enter my world on and contact me, I am so willing to serve you. I do charge for actual consultations, but it is all declared in the USA and in France. I give great psychic rune readings, I advise on legal and other matters, I just hip ya to the Amish perspective, if you will, from a NY punk. You can order BIKINI GIRL on -- ask for Dave. There are a few very rare print issues for sale and some videos and DVDs. Video madness for two hours, your life will never be the same again. Peace be with you. Go mental! I did. Wow, did I ever. Get with Jesus, people, He is good! xo