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    Jo Barnes

    με Jo Barnes

    345 προβολές To see the rest of this video and access all the FREE training videos + 5 FREE FBML fan page opt in templates click the link above. Hello, how are you doing? Jo Barnes, here. Thank you ever so much for stopping by this Webpage and checking out these videos. I am really excited to be offering these videos out to you, because I believe that Facebook and social media is absolutely the future of business. Why is it so important for you guys to have a Fan Page, and I'm talking about any business. Whether you are online or offline, it's absolutely essential that you get yourself a Fan Page. And the reason why is that Facebook currently has over 500 million active users. Of those users, 50 percent are on Facebook every single day, and the average time they spend on Facebook is fifty-five minutes. How amazing is that? That's 250 million people on Facebook for fifty-five minutes a day. It's crazy. So you're going to get your business in front of an incredible amount of traffic, and not only that, with Facebook you could really target your advertising. I'm just starting to do a bit of experimentation with ads on Facebook, and you can really target your advertising, so I believe that this is the absolutely vital component for your business. One of the reasons social media is so huge is because of the whole relationship building that you're doing with your customers. With Fan Pages, with Groups, with your Profile, with everything you do on Facebook: It's about discussion, it's about interaction, it's about really getting to know who your customers are and them getting to know you; and then people buying off recommendations of friends, and the whole viral effect of it and getting out there. It's just absolutely massive, and I do believe that if you're a business who doesn't like social media and isn't even thinking about Fan Pages or Facebook in any way, then ignore it at your peril, because in my opinion, I do think you will get left behind. But, you're here. So ...