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    Europeans Flock to Sushi Chef School


    by NTDTelevision

    26-year-old German student Matthias Weise dons his apron at chef school.

    But Weise isn't in Germany. He's learning to be a sushi chef at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Japan.

    [Matthias Weise, Sushi Chef in Training]:
    "In the past a lot of Asians came to Europe to learn our way of doing things, for example how to bake bread. Now it's exactly the other way round. We go to Asian to learn their cuisine which is very fast, very fresh and very good."

    The sushi craze is exploding around the world - the majority of students in this all-English class are from outside of Japan.

    And despite the course's restrictive cost of more than $10,000 U.S dollars, trainees like Italian Ferdinando Puocci believe it's an excellent investment.

    [Ferdinando Puocci, Sushi Chef in Training]:
    "Right now it's a booming business in Italy, opening this type of restaurant in Italy now is a good business opportunity because it would be pioneering in this field back home."

    Sushi dates back about two hundred years in Japan and started out as a fast food, but soon gained respect.

    Even molding the rice at exactly the correct size and consistency is practically an art form.

    And as for Weise, after completing the eight week course and an apprenticeship, he will continue his sushi adventure in Vietnam -- playing a vital role in spreading the popularity of what could be called the world's healthiest fast food.