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    Pakistan’s Sindh Province Receives Flood Threat


    by NTDTelevision

    More flooding is due in Pakistan's devastated Sindh Province, and nearly half a million people are expected to .

    As the crisis deepened, villagers trailed toward the north in vans laden with furniture, crowded into buses, or in carts pulled by oxen.

    Some people were on foot, leading their livestock.

    [Rasool Baksh, Resident]: (male, Urdu)
    "Most of the people evacuating have arranged their own transport. Some have been given vehicles by the local opposition party leader. But so far no government official has come here. The people who have come here only ask for huge amounts of money."

    Local authorities have directed villagers to leave their land immediately.

    [Sahib Deno Shah, Resident]: (male, Sindhi)
    "After the breach in Kot Aalimo our houses were inundated. We had to run for our lives, leaving all our valuables behind. The breach occurred late at night and unfortunately the government made no arrangements for evacuation. There was not a single officer, no one to save us. Officials have only visited the devastation in helicopters. We are only relying on God now. We are taking our children and some luggage, leaving our houses and everything behind."

    Floodwater is moving toward Sujawal and Thatta cities. Thousands of people have already relocated to safer places.

    The catastrophe has already affected more than 17 million people and left eight million dependent on aid to survive.

    The International Organization for Migration says 4.5 million people remain in urgent need of shelter.