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    John's last day part 2


    by tripleJupdates

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    poor jj2 jumped out when jj jumped in lol
    By marhearsyou5 years ago
    Awww john looked a bit left out when jj2 was in bed with josie, having a bit of fun, i think the pending eviction had him worried incase jj2 would be in the final with josie. He must have been a little concerned because he told josie at the end of this clip " you say you love me but i dont think you do " he needed assurance from her. He also got a bit fruity in bed with her , with his ooooos and aahhhhhs cant imagine what they were
    By mamajean5 years ago
    10:20 JOHN JAMES! That was soooooo 'Keeva' of you hahahaha
    By Pat92xoxo5 years ago
    John James staking his territory! Nobody is having his Josie Jo.He's being all flirty and seeking reassurance from Josie that she loves him.
    By xxDaxxwn5 years ago
    Our Johnny boy (the one who never gets jealous) is not a happy chappy seeing his best pal in bed with his best gal and quickly makes an excuse to hop in bed with her whilst thinking to himself "Jog on JJ, she's mine". Don't you just love him. Anyway, he won the girl in the end.
    By Phil-Pickering5 years ago
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