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    PS3 Modchip PSjailbreak Leaked


    by PSJailBreakDownload

    PS3 modchip PSJailBreak leaked files

    Well there has been a lot of discussion over the new hack for the Worls's first PS3 modchip PSJailbreak PlayStation 3. Just listen to the video for all the info I know.
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    Visit the site and download this exclusive tool which will generate your Unique Launch Manager hack v 3.41 build 2978 file. Only usb Stick required !! just copy the files into it and enjoy the hack! Launch manager can copy and run games from the PS3 hard drive from the console or a USB hard drive (watch some games bigger than others can be stored on the internal hard disk of the PS3 ). A new version of the manager is out in the week to indicate USER or if it can not copy the game on the hard disk drive. The PS3 must have software version 3.41. The PS3 should be unplugged to the slim version or switch off the PS3 with FAT