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    Heavy Rains and Floods in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Monsoon rains in northern India have caused extensive damage. The Yamuna River is flowing above the danger mark, flooding nearby villages and low-lying areas.

    Heavy downpours and incessant rains across northern India over the past few days have swelled the Yamuna River.

    Low-lying areas and surrounding villages have been severely affected by floods, crippling normal life in the region.

    People residing in low-lying areas were trapped as the river breached its banks, flooding fields and shanties nearby.

    "The water in the river is more than the floods of previous years. The flow of the water is fast and the villagers who live around the river are facing a lot of problems. The government had said that they would provide food to us but nothing has happened yet.”

    New Delhi has recorded more than two feet of rainfall during this monsoon season so far, much higher than previous years.

    Meanwhile, in Uttar Pradesh state, several villages were inundated with water, forcing the villagers to make temporary shelters on their rooftops.

    So far 16 people have died due to the flood while 100 others have been stranded in their villages.

    "Children here drink the floodwater. Animals and people get wet due to heavy rains. We are spending our days here anyhow.”

    The monsoon this year has caused extensive floods in several parts of northern India like Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in the north, and central Madhya Pradesh state, causing devastation to life and property.