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    Radiant Barrier Fire Test 2


    by neoaquinist

    Radiant barrier is a wonderful new insulation product proven to reduce heat flow in an attic, but radiant barrier products made with aluminum foil will fail the new fire test under ASTM E84 and E2599.

    Innovative Insulation Inc has developed radiant barrier insulation utilizing a metalized film instead of aluminum foil. This reflective metalized film will melt rather than combust, passing the new fire requirements easily. Compare the low flame shown in this video to the video Part 1, showing the very high flame resulting from the aluminum product.

    Traditional foil radiant barrier products prove dangerous under high heat, and anyone installing such products could be held liable in the event of a fire. Beware of any radiant barrier companies trying to sell, promote or install aluminum foil radiant barriers, and request a copy of their ASTM E84 and E2599 fire tests.