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    Wolfgang Schneiderhan, 1966: "Spring," Four Seasons, Vivaldi

    David Hertzberg

    by David Hertzberg

    The late Austrian violinist Wolfgang Schneiderhan (1915-2002) performs the Concerto Grosso in E major, PV 241 ("Spring") by Antonio Vivaldi. I created this video from the LP depicted above (2:30), issued in 1966 on the Deutsche Grammophon label, serial number 2535-105. Schneiderhan is accompanied by the Lucerne Festival Strings chamber orchestra, conducted by the late Swiss conductor and violinist Rudolf Baumgartner (1917-2002). Baumgartner founded the orchestra with Schneiderhan in 1956, ten years before this recording was made.

    This work was composed some 287 years ago; this recording was made almost half a century ago.

    Movement I: Allegro
    Movement II: Largo
    Movement III: Allegro

    Concerto Grosso in G minor, PV 336 - "Summer" :

    Concerto Grosso in F major, PV 257 - "Autumn":