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    Pakistan’s Good Samaritans Help Flood Victims


    by NTDTelevision

    Philanthropists in Pakistan's Sindh province are reaching out to feed hungry flood victims from local villages.

    As the plight of four million hungry and homeless flood victims becomes increasingly precarious, many Pakistanis are reaching out to help.

    Philanthropists in the southern province of Sindh have joined forces to feed two meals a day to flood victims from nearby inundated villages.

    [Zahid Khan, Local Philanthropist]:
    "This meal is being prepared for those affected by the floods. It is enough to feed 3,500 people. Many local philanthropists support us in this. We prepare this meal and then distribute it among the flood victims."

    The huge cauldrons, filled with hot food, are dispatched to various relief centers.

    Many victims are grateful for the helping hand.

    [Ghulam Sarwar, Flood Victim]:
    "I have come from Jacobabad. We fled our homes in fear of the floods. In the beginning, we faced some problems but now we are getting two square meals a day. All those who can are helping us. These people give milk and food to eat."

    Food shortages are causing massive problems throughout the devastated nation.

    Many crops have been ruined in the Punjab - the bread basket of the country.

    Around 500,000 tons of wheat and 1.5 million acres of rice fields have been completely destroyed.