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    Lindsay Lohan stops by McDonalds after rehab


    by ODN


    Lindsay Lohan must have been craving her junk food while in rehab, as the actress's first trip was to a McDonald's drive-thru.

    After serving her prison sentence and a stint at rehab the actress decided to pay a visit to the fast food restaurant to enjoy a milkshake and a portion of fries.

    Although Lindsay might have been able to leave prison just three weeks into her 90 day sentence for violating her 2007 probation, she still has to take part in counselling sessions five times a week and go through psychotherapy four times a week.

    But according to Lohan's lawyer, the actress is more than happy to cooperate.

    "To be honest with you, I really think she is looking forward to this.

    "Everything I have seen from her is that she is looking forward to beginning a new and having a productive life and schedule."