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    Reconstruction of Flood Damaged Roads Underway in Pakistan


    by NTDTelevision

    An update on the situation in Pakistan, where reconstruction of roads destroyed by floods has begun. Flood waters have damaged large stretches of roads and railways, cutting off many areas from the rest of the country.

    Pakistan’s worst floods have damaged an estimated 2,400 miles of highway and 3,500 miles of railway.

    Reports from the Pakistani government say ten percent of the nation is now destitute, and 20 percent of Pakistan's land is submerged by filthy, contaminated floodwaters.

    In places where the waters have receded, they have left behind a horrific trail of shattered infrastructure, mud-filled villages and destroyed crops.

    People traveling long distances for food and medical care are now finding it impossible to undertake those journeys.

    The Punjab government has started repair work on some roads where the water has completely receded.

    On Tuesday, machines and laborers were busy repairing the damage done to the Multan-Basheer Kot road.

    [Naveed Ahmed, Excavator Operator]: (male, Seariki)
    "We are repairing the road up to Multan. At least eight large dumpers, four tractors, two loaders, and many laborers are working on this road. Our aim is to complete the repair work as soon as possible for the convenience of the public.”

    In some areas, the entire lengths of road connecting villages to the local market have been washed away.

    Many areas, with all bridges and link roads swept away by the floods, have been totally cut off from the rest of the country.

    As the torrents move across hundreds of miles of countryside, analysts doubt if Pakistan will ever be able to afford to rebuild all the roads, dams, irrigation canals, bridges, factories and houses destroyed by the floods.