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    “One-Child” Generation in China Struggle to Care for Elderly


    by NTDTelevision

    The first generation of children born under the Chinese regime’s one-child policy have grown-up. Now they are realizing how hard it will be to care for their aging parents.

    In China, it’s traditional for children to take care of their elderly parents—a responsibility that is shared among all the children of the family.

    But the burden is magnified for this generation of only-children. Young married couples find themselves having to provide for both sets of parents, quickly creating a situation that is financially difficult.

    And yet few Chinese seem willing to put their elderly parents in a nursing home. A survey done by Zhu Qingfang of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences found that less than ten percent of couples surveyed were willing to go that route.

    For seniors whose children are unable to care for them, the public options are limited. According to the China Aging Development Foundation there are roughly 4 million social service agencies that care for the elderly and provide a combined 1.6 million beds. That’s enough beds for less than one percent of China’s 170 million seniors.

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