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    Police probe murdered spy's private life


    by ODN


    Detectives investigating the murder of a British spy are looking into his private life for clues that could identify his killer.

    The decomposing body of codes expert Gareth Williams, 30, was found stuffed into a bag in the bath of his London Government flat. Further tests are taking place to determine how the cycling and fitness fanatic met his death after a post-mortem examination was inconclusive.

    Police believe Mr Williams's body could have lain undiscovered for up to a fortnight and it is thought he was on holiday at the time of his death. They believe the key to the case could lie in his private life.

    Investigators suspect Mr Williams might have known his killer as there was no sign of forced entry at his top-floor flat in Alderney Street, Pimlico. Police have begun examining his mobile phone and financial records as well as CCTV cameras from streets and businesses surrounding his home. His home has been the subject of a fingertip search amid fears that top-secret work material could have gone missing.

    Mr Williams's parents Ian and Ellen have travelled to London with his sister Ceri from their home in Anglesey to speak to police and formally identify his body.

    William Hughes, Mrs Williams's cousin, said they are deeply shocked and flew back from a holiday in North America after learning of his death.

    He said: "The last time I saw Gareth was just a few months ago at a family party and he was fine. He was always a quiet person, he was from a young age, but this is a close family and we all see each other quite regularly at family occasions."

    The cousin said he never knew Mr Williams to bring home a girlfriend or a partner, describing him as a "very, very private person".

    Officers broke down the door of Mr Williams's home on Monday afternoon when attempts by Government officials to locate him via his former landlady failed.