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    Former Bollywood Actress on Shen Yun in Westchester


    by NTDTelevision

    Shen Yun’s show in Westchester on Sunday received standing ovations from the audience. Next we catch up with one family with a background in Bollywood movies and Indian dance.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts held its first of two shows at Purchase College’s Performing Arts Center on Sunday.

    After seeing the show, former Bollywood actress Padma Sidana says she was speechless.

    [Padma Sidana, Former Bollywood Actress]:
    “It’s amazing. It’s very beautiful, very graceful. There’s no words to say. It’s very beautiful.”

    She says the dancers really put their hearts in to the performance.

    [Padma Sidana, Former Bollywood Actress]:
    “Every performer is so good and so in to it. They are putting their soul in it, you can see, I mean, you can feel it.”


    [Padma Sidana, Former Bollywood Actress]:
    “I not only enjoyed it, I also feel a peace in my mind. It’s really amazing.”

    Her son, Akshar Sidana, is an actor, stage performer, and choreographer. He says the performance transcends language barriers.

    [Akshar Sidana, Actor]:
    “Not only in the skill level, not only in the technique, not only in the performing arts realm, but also on a more intellectual, a more spiritual realm. So when you touch that base, when you start touching that level, in someone’s heart you get to a point where it’s not just a performance anymore. It’s an experience.”

    Ms. Sidana’s daughter is also a dancer and choreographer. She was impressed with the artistry in Shen Yun.

    [Neha Sidana, Indian Dancer and Choreographer]:
    “The technical artistry that’s put in to it, the choreography, the costumes. It’s just the grandeur of the whole thing is, like I said, you are carried in to a different world. I was sitting in the auditorium and I didn’t even know where I was, watching the hugeness of the performances and the whole production itself.”

    Shen Yun will return to the Performing Arts Center at Purchase College on September 12.

    NTD News, New York.