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    China Struggles with Ongoing Floods


    by NTDTelevision

    Floods continue to wreak havoc in China today. Flooding causes chaos in the far northeast near the border with North Korea, where a quarter of a million people have been evacuated.

    Flooding has killed more than 2,000 people across China so far this year.

    In southwestern Sichuan Province, heavy flooding and landslides damaged power lines.

    And In Yingxiu, land and mudslides have covered stretches of road.

    In a rural area of Sichuan’s capital of Chengdu, a river swollen by torrential rain flooded villages on Monday.

    Flooding around the Chinese border with North Korea has caused chaos in both countries, and forced the evacuation of over 250,000 people in China's northeast Liaoning Province.

    In the border town of Dandong, flooding from the swollen river Yalu killed at least four people and flooded at least 44 townships, causing power blackouts and disruption to communications.

    Torrential rains have swelled the river Yalu since last Thursday, bringing it to its highest level in over a decade over the weekend.