Hostage Survivor Blames Philippine Authorities

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A Hong Kong woman and a survivor of the Manila hostage crisis blames the Philippine government for the loss of her husband and two daughters. The incident has also left her son in critical condition.

A Hong Kong woman whose husband and two daughters were among eight tourists killed in a bus hostage siege in Manila, has blamed Philippine authorities for the tragedy.

[Mrs. Leung, Hostage Survivor]: (female, Cantonese)
"My husband is dead and my only son is in the ICU. I thought that by trying to stay alive I can take care of my kids. But then two are dead. Why didn't you help us earlier? No, I'm not blaming the Chinese government but the Philippine government. I really can't accept how they could do such a thing."

The woman, who identified herself as Mrs. Leung, broke down at a Manila hospital after the deaths of her two daughters - aged 14 and 21 - were confirmed.

Her 18-year-old son remained in intensive care with a serious head injury.

The gunman, identified as ex-police captain Rolando Mendoza, was armed with a rifle and held 15 tourists hostage on a wide road in Manila's biggest park.

[Mrs. Leung, Hostage Survivor]: (female, Cantonese)
"The gunman didn't want to hurt us but because negotiations failed, then he wanted to kill people. Money, why can't we have given money? I can't understand why money couldn't have been given to him."

Mrs. Leung spoke of her husband's bravery.

[Mrs. Leung, Hostage Survivor]: (female, Cantonese)
"My husband is dead. He was very brave. He rushed forward from behind to stop him (the gunman) from killing. He sacrificed himself."

Police stormed the bus after more than 10 hours of hostage standoff.

After around an hour the gunman was eventually killed and the hostages freed.

Two more hostages were seriously wounded.

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