GBG 10-in-One mangosteen, acai, vitamin and minerals, CoQ10

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Stop clogging up our septic systems wtih all the pills
Multi-Vitamin and Minerals: Contains 75 trace minerals Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vit D3
Potent Antioxidant: Cancer-fighting and age defying agents are included in the 10-in-ONE Formula. A high ORAC rating Immune Enhancer: Best for building up the body's natural defenses.
Natural Energizer: You can experience a ! natural "high" when you take this formula.
Stress Reliever: Numerous ingredients in this product help reduce stress naturally.
Healthy Heart Formula: You are provided with maximum support for a healthy heart. Bone & Joint Formula: Sulphur-rich MSM is one of the main ingredients included.
Digestive Aid: The pure aloe concentrate.
Mangosteen Pericarp/Hull (XANTHONES), Acai, Almalaki, Goji, Aloe
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