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    International Book Fair Opens In Kyiv, Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

    [Anna Varavva, NTD News]:
    "In Kyiv the International Book Fair is taking place. 169 publishing houses from 11 countries are presenting their products. For the first time there is an honorary guest. This year it is the Russian Federation".

    The Russians brought books to suit every taste.

    [Alexander Bolshev, Russian Booth Organizer]:
    "There are new editions of classics. And not only the Russian classics, but also Ukrainian classics, new children's books. There is scientific literature, but most of all fiction."

    There is a special stand where writers who visit the exhibition present their books. Eduard Uspensky, the creator of famous Russian children's books, told us what he is currently working on.

    [Eduard Uspensky, Writer]:
    "I am multi-tasking. I have been writing one book piece by piece for several years now. I am also working on several books to order. These benefit me financially. I am busy all the time."

    Belarusians bring their publications to the exhibition every year. They recently released a book dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Second World War, titled "We will Never Forget." The book contains children's memories of the war.

    [Vladislav Machutsky, "Mastatskaya Literature" Publishing House Director]:
    "Today, when I read again this book, I get a lump in my throat. And I know from my children and nephews that reading [this book] is somehow cultivating moral values."

    Visitors can not only find treasured books, but also save money, as they are paying the publishing houses directly.

    [International Book Fair Customer]:
    "Life of Anton Chekhov." I've dreamt about it for a long time, I grabbed it immediately. Elsewhere it's three times more expensive."

    The Fair also features a full program of book forums. Workshops and roundtable discussions will be held over the next four days.

    NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine.