Leslie Kean


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Colbert is an entertainer whose job is to make people laugh. He should have a conversation with former Arizona Governer, Harvard grad and Vietnam era USAF pilot Fife Symington - without an audience eager to laugh sitting in front of him.
By Mike Sullivan Last year
So, basically, according to Mr Colbert, if some of those people mentioned in Leslie Kean's book aren't Americans they're not important and aren't to be taken seriously then? I wonder how that translates to American foreign policy then? Or maybe I shouldn't ask...I'm rather scared of what the answer may be! In that case, I'll ask this; Why does everyone on TV, (and especially TV hosts it would seem), have to be seen to ridicule anyone who shows any interest in the UFO subject? Is it just to obtain a cheap laugh at someone else's expense?Why? Are they worried about their own credibility? There seem to be more people in the world that have seen something they cannot explain and have attributed such a sighting as a 'UFO', rather than something with a religious connotation (you only have to see YouTube to see not many peeps are posting about, let's say, Angels and Demons than they do about the UFO subject)! Yet if someone came on the show and said they believed (and worshipped) an invisible, omnipotent sky-being, who answered prayers and controls and watches everything we do on earth, and that you could converse with said being if you only close your eyes and cup your hands together before bedtime, but whose evidence of existence is pretty scant, except, of course, for a book written mostly by unknown authors decades and decades (if not longer) after certain 'events' that then led to a religious 'cult', then I'm pretty sure no one would dare to make any wisecracks about that! Yet the proof of such a being is even less than that of UFO's! It's no wonder that a lot of people in the outside world think some Americans are idiots. (personally, I don't subscribe to that point of view, but I can at least sympathise with their rationale)!
By Neil Stephenson 2 years ago