NTD's 2010 Chinese Vocal Competition

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[Yao-chun Chang, Taiwanese Contestant]
"I felt very happy, but at the same time very nervous, with so many people watching, especially as it is after all a competition, I felt very excited."

Another year has flown by, and once again its time for NTD Television’s Series of Chinese cultural Competitions. First up is the Vocal Competition, already underway. Let’s have a listen.

Here at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College in Manhattan, contestants from around the world are given a chance to sparkle.

[Yao-chun Chang, Taiwanese Contestant]:
"(The other contestants) are outstanding and really formidable, as I expected, it opened my eyes. I've seen contestants from Taiwan, Mainland China, America, Japan, Argentina and Germany and they're all outstanding."

Unique to this competition is the repertoire, which includes both classical Western songs, as well as Chinese language songs.

Up for grabs is a gold prize of 10,000 U.S. dollars. But these contestants aren’t letting the prize money break their cool. Each song is sung with absolute focus and dedication. Any slipup will be caught by the scrutinizing eye of the man some call the greatest Chinese tenor and a judge in this competition, Guan Guimin.

After three days of competition and elimination, the winners are announced. In the men’s cateogry, Huan Xing from Canada took the gold prize. In the women’s category, Tan Sinsim, originally from Malaysia, who has been studying music in New York for the past two years, took home the prize.

[Tan Sinsim]:
“For me, this prize is a confirmation of the efforts I have put in over the years. I didn’t imagine that I would join a competition like this after only just graduating and get the top prize. I’m really thankful for receiving this acknowledgment. I thank them and what is more, I had this opportunity to sing Chinese songs and win a prize in America. I feel thats really hard to come by.”

This is Chris Chappell,
NTD New York

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