Shen Yun Leaves Audiences With A "Warm Feeling" in Atlanta

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Shen Yun Performing Arts returned to the U.S. city of Atlanta Saturday. Among the people in the audience, City Councilman Clarence Martin. He says the song’s philosophical message made a deep impression on him.

[Clarence T. Martin, Atlanta City Councilman]:
“It’s about life, about living life. You know the kinds of thoughts and philosophy that can be integrated in all of our lives.”

His wife also enjoyed the show.

“I had a warm feeling when I left the performance. Very calm and peaceful.”

Tina Makwana has studied both ballet and Indian classical dance.

[Tina Makwana, Dancer]:
“How hard they work, each and every step. It is hard what they are doing. Those are hard steps because I dance and I know how much practice it takes to do those things, yes.”

[George Mester, Audience Member]:
“When I started seeing the messages I started realizing that they were something more. And that surprised me a lot and I enjoyed that, too.”

NTD News, Atlanta.

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