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    Pilot Whale Pod Beached in New Zealand


    by NTDTelevision

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    Volunteers and wildlife workers managed to save at least 11 of the more than 50 whales found stranded on a New Zealand beach.

    Dozens of volunteers rushed to Kaitaia Beach to help the surviving members of a pod of pilot whales discovered beached on Friday.

    [Whale Rescue Volunteer]:
    "We had to identify the live whales by putting flagging tape on them, so that the people coming down onto the beach actually only focused on the live whales."

    A pod of over 100 pilot whales were stranded on the same beach in 2007.

    [Whale Rescue Volunteer]:
    "They're truly marvelous creatures."

    About 40 volunteers with the help of heavy machinery managed to move some of the survivors back to calmer waters, about half a mile away.

    Some of the refloated whales seemed in good condition, though others seemed to have difficulties.

    [Kim King, Rescue Volunteer]:
    "We've just got to gently rock him and get him back used to the water again."

    A small group of wildlife workers remained at the location to monitor the progress of the refloated whales overnight.