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    "Wiping Sweat Gate"—Chinese Official's Propaganda Stunt in W


    by NTDTelevision

    In China, the latest scandal spreading on the internet is being dubbed, “Wiping Sweat Gate.”

    The political commissar for the local traffic police in Wuhan was photographed while wiping the sweat from the brows of traffic officers in the sweltering summer heat.

    The photos were then published in the Chutian Metropolis Daily and the Yangtze Daily on August 4, saying (quote) “When seeing the dark sweating faces of these traffic police, Wang Bin’s heart was aching, so he wiped sweat for the traffic police.”

    A prominent Chinese blogger, Zhang Hongfeng wrote a post titled “Wiping Sweat Gate…”saying he was later contacted by one of the policemen who said they were made to line-up in the sun for half an hour to wait for the commissar to arrive.

    The policeman told Zhang the commissar stormed out right after wiping the policemen’s brows, leaving the officers feeling angry for being used as part of the propaganda stunt.

    Zhang’s blog post quickly spread on the internet with more than 1,600 posts in less than a day, according to China Hush.