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    by magicalguru

    Stage & Street Hypnosis Transparency Template Trilby Connection Manchurian Approach Discover the ONLY way to truly become a 100% Legal, Lawful Licensed (where needed), Correctly Insured, Safe Ethical Stage & Street Hypnotist. You need to watch this before you waste any of your hard earned money on either The Manchurian Approach - Reality is Plastic - The Trilby Connection or any similar products which were filmed ILLEGALLY... This video contains details of the worlds most comprehensive home study entertainment hypnosis training package. This is the kind of information that Alex William Smith aka Jonathan Royle taught to his successful past students as per Check out Royles Resume & Career Success at and then consider that he is joined by four other highly experienced Stage & Street Hypnotists on this unrivalled home study dvd course. Al five of them are Legal - Lawful - Licensed (as needed) - insured - ethical and safe in all they do with hypnosis unlike other so called UK Trainers of Street Hypnosis who have little if any regards for the Laws around the world, let alone the health and safety aspects and legal implications. Even if your only a magician or mentalist wanting to add a few hypnotic techniques to your work, the chances are that if you've not watched this video that you may well be breaking the law.. DISCOVER THE TRUTH TODAY... NO OTHER STAGE OR STREET HYPNOSIS DVD COURSE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD OFFER'S YOU ALL OF THIS: .