Eubie Blake & His Orchestra - My Blue Days Blew Over, 1931


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It' perfectly normal Grzegorz, thank you for your dedication to both sites :-)
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GeminiNightOwl, thank you for your concern! I As you can see I am back and a new uploading is just on its way. I dedicate it especially to you as my apology for that prolonged absence of mine as well as my thankfulness for such friendly comment. Thank you!
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Gregory - you post such great music. Hope all is well with you :)
Przez GeminiNightOwl 5 lat temu
Corrie, I think when someone managed to live up to his 100 th birthday there are dozens of reason why his exact date of birth can easily disappear in "the mist of ages". E.g. Tamara Lempicka had three or four dates and two places of her birth. And Ava Gardner always was in trouble when she passed borders, for her passport "for some reason" constantly presented a hole burnt just in the place where the date of birth is. And each time the officer complained about the state of her ID, she exclaimed: "oh, sorry! I must have just dropped my cigarette ash in here!". Thank you for a nice Eubie's birthday story!
Przez grzegorz240252 5 lat temu
Delightful post . Eubie lived a most interesting life. You have incorrectly stated the date of his birth year. He was actually born on 7th. February, 1883, and the story goes that on attaining his 100th birthday, he quipped; "If I had known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself".
Thank you for sharing.
Przez Walter Gray 5 lat temu
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