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    "Being Myself" by Don Loot feat. ATribeCalledQuest


    by donloot

    The song is called "Being Myself", and it features one of the most influential Hip-Hop group's of all time, A Tribe Called Quest. I wrote and recorded this song just recently (July/August 2010), after moving back to Mesa, Arizona from Duluth, Minnesota. A friend of mine lost her 5 month-old baby, Cameron, to SIDS the same night I was writing the first half of the first verse. I finished the song the next day after hearing about what happened and wanted to dedicate it to the memory of baby Cam and my Grandma Betty. I was thinking about a lot of different things at the time, which also motivated me to give it my best performance. Hopefully it shows. This song is from the 2010 album "Gimme D.Loot" by Don Loot, a new artist coming out of Arizona by way of Minnesota.