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    Raj Patel - Maitreya - The Antichrist - The Dajjal - Part 21


    par TheTruthIsFromGod

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    The episode 21 exposes that Raj Patel's blink rate is simply not human. There isn't a single human being who is able to blink as few as Raj Patel does. This is just another hard indication that Raj Patel is actually Maitreya. I've brought studies done by experts in the field to confirm that Raj Patel's blinking is not normal.

    In 2005, the Iranian President has experienced the same strange phenomenon when he gave his speech in the UN before an audience of world Presidents who did not blink, not even once, over 28 minutes.

    The second part of this episode details the emergence of Maitreya on the basis of "The Awakening of Humanity" written in 2008 by Benjamin Creme, the resemblance with Raj Patel is blatant.

    This is real!!!

    Who will protect you against God if you don't believe in him? Who do you protect you against God if you follow Maitreya/Satan/Ibliss/Raj Patel?

    Think about it, God's inevitable punishment is getting closer and closer, wake up before it's too late for you.