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    John James doesn't want to do BBLB or BBBM


    by AchtungBaby1985

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    please please please can you put up footage of them for the friday and thursday before he got evicted especially friday and the clip thursday night where she's lying over at the window in the living room and he comes and kisses her lying between her legs xx
    By sunflowerhoney66 years ago
    clearly achtungbaby's account is in the middle of being deleted like bayla68's b/c she is normally soooo quick at getting video's up and i can't believe she wouldn't have put the clips up for any other reason apart from her account being deleted!!
    By riskitforabiscuit6 years ago
    John and Sam both shouted over the wall.
    All John shouted was 'JJ' and as the security came to remove both John and Sam John shouted to Josie 'I have to go'.
    Then on BBLB he said he was in slove with Josie and he found the recent days being away from Josie really hard, he also said he felt weird sleeping in a hotel room and he felt weird because Josie wasnt beside him.
    I am going Insane because i check every 2-4 hours just to see if you have updated/ added new videos. :)
    By Shanz19956 years ago
    when did that happen? ive been so moved by it all its heart breaking. Did Josie hear? Any remaining footage of the two of then together would be lovely to see. I honestly cant believe how much it has effected me!
    By jimena19706 years ago
    @JJisfaf: It happened but they cut the sound on lf so all you could hear was birds!!!
    By JJJforever6 years ago
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