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    Richard Dawkins Visits a Muslim School


    by blindwatcher

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    Matthew Lowery
    Childhood indoctrination works wonders. Very hard to convince them it's wrong when they're older.
    By Matthew Lowery5 years ago
    Most modern psychological research clearly shows that many serious psychotic problems or personality disorder’s are connected with unfortunate early experience’s the more serious a mental disorder the more likely it has originated early in life.
    In other words get them while there young! it’s very hard to turn an adult in to a fundamentalist.
    If you meet a fundamentalist he or she has been brain washed as a child. Ideally you want to traumatize the child in some way,
    for instance tell them they’re going to be tortured and burnt in hell for ever. A moderate Christian or Muslim is someone with a mild affliction ,
    a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim is someone with a Severe affliction
    By iamterryfc5 years ago