Richard Dawkins Visits a Muslim School

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Taken from "Richard Dawkins' Age of Reason - Faith School Menace?"


Childhood indoctrination works wonders. Very hard to convince them it's wrong when they're older.
By Matthew Lowery 4 years ago
Most modern psychological research clearly shows that many serious psychotic problems or personality disorder’s are connected with unfortunate early experience’s the more serious a mental disorder the more likely it has originated early in life.
In other words get them while there young! it’s very hard to turn an adult in to a fundamentalist.
If you meet a fundamentalist he or she has been brain washed as a child. Ideally you want to traumatize the child in some way,
for instance tell them they’re going to be tortured and burnt in hell for ever. A moderate Christian or Muslim is someone with a mild affliction ,
a fundamentalist Christian or Muslim is someone with a Severe affliction
By iamterryfc 4 years ago