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    Visiting Angels Franchise Review


    by davidandchristine



    Actually....I was in the Home Health Care Field...I worked out of my own home through DDS. This particular video is about where and how to learn to market your business online, nothing more...nothing less. =) It is a hard career, but this video is for the owner/operator of the franchise themselves....By no means would I ever berate this industry as myself and my family members have been part of it most of our lives....I do understand what it takes to start this business, how to build it and make it successful, but I am getting older and wish to be home...that is why I work online...thanks for the comment though and hope all is well with you =).
    By davidandchristine5 years ago
    dear davidandchristine, while Iam sure you think your business may be succesful--all of your videos are only about marketing and advertising. are you guys medically trained and educated? I have seen that a lot of these nonmedical healthcare companies like visiting angels are run by people who are barely medically trained, or educated at that, and have very high turnaround rates. I hope that you realize your cares you can give are limited and you do not just say yes to everyone who calls--putting stress on the staff and the company. I have seen nonmedical home health companies doing 24 hour shifts and end-of-life cancer patients houses before. is that not weird? I think that's quite startling and disqusting and I would hope that you would run your little business with a little more compassion than that. at least have the heart to call a hospice company when you know you cant handle something
    By johnson5 years ago