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    India Seeks Stronger Economic Ties with Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

    India has announced it wants to build closer economic relations with Ukraine. The First secretary of the Indian embassy in Ukraine introduced the idea in a recent press conference.

    India has announced it will strengthen economic ties with Ukraine at a recent press conference in Kyiv. The First Secretary of the Indian Embassy spoke of the plans.

    [K.P.M. Raman, 1st Secretary of Indian Embassy in Ukraine]:
    “The India-Ukraine bilateral economic cooperation is trade-oriented. The annual volume of two-way trade has increased over a period of time to about $2 billion. Both sides have realized that there is tremendous potential for further growth.”

    India says it needs developers to build metro, ports, airports and railways. The first Ukrainian company to work in these industries in India, Kyiv Metrostroy, has already built three international airports and one metro station in New-Delhi.

    Businessman Drhuba Panda has operated a tropical oil production plant for more than 20 years in a small city near the Black Sea. He says the Indian economy has grown so rapidly because the government and businesses have cooperated.

    But such cooperation seems to be missing in Ukraine.

    [Drhuba Panda, Factory Owner in Ukraine]:
    “I have lived here for 26 years and I can say that this is my second home. So I am justified to say that the laws which are adopted here are not implemented. Those people who create laws break them right from the start.”

    The representative of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine thinks that in the next few decades the cooperation between Ukraine and India will move away from heavy industry and toward information technologies and knowledge exchange. He explains the areas where India can assist Ukraine in its development.

    [Dmitry Vydrin, Deputy Secretary of NSDC]:
    “The areas are computer programming, Internet programs, computer communication, satellite communication and so on.”

    NTD, Kyiv, Ukraine