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    John Clare - Joys Of Youth


    by poetictouch

    John Clare - Joys Of Youth - Read by David Barnes

    Joys Of Youth
    by John Clare (1793-1864)

    How pleasing simplest recollections seem!
    Now summer comes, it warms me to look back
    On the sweet happiness of youth's wild track,
    Varied and fleeting as a summer dream:
    Here have I paus'd upon the sweeping rack
    That specks like wool-flocks through the purple sky;
    Here have I carless stooped down to catch
    The meadow flower that entertain'd my eye;
    And as the butterfly went wirring by,
    How anxious for its settling did I watch;
    And oft long purples on the water's brink
    Have tempted me to wade, in spite of fate,
    To pluck the flowers. — Oh, to look back and think,
    What pleasing pains such simple joys create!