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    MSNBC FAILS 05 - Lessons In Slippery Slopes (w/Olbermann)


    by BlameThe1st



    Here's a link in case you are not convinced where Olbermann sites countless politicians and how much they are being paid by the health sector alone, and how much money is being taken from patients, in order to pay to prevent the public option.
    By 2460none5 years ago
    I don't get your point. The point is that if the most wealthy buy out politicians, they will eliminate workers' rights because it is detrimental to their businesses. That's not a slippery slope argument. I'm not sure how much you follow politics, but let's analyze the net neutrality bill. The right wing tried to pass a bill stating the internet providers could charge as much as they want for particular sites, or make sites harder to access. If you used X-Box for example, you would be charged more to use it's internet because corporations would greatly profit. Do you know the vote on the bill? 2-3. It just missed being passed. Also, you didn't dissect any knowledge. If the most wealthy own the media, and the ones making the laws, it is a police state. You didn't prove it wrong, you just restated the point, and said "by me restating it, it makes it stupid". If you are not familiar with the term, they are called lobbyists, and they are not made up, a lot of politicians talk about it
    By 2460none5 years ago