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    Jedward have their sights set on Cheryl Cole


    by ODN


    Jedward say their life has changed dramatically since become celebrities, especially when it comes to getting the ladies.

    Speaking over each other, John and Edward said: "Me and John never saw ourselves as good looking. When we were in school no girls would give us the time of day and now they're like, 'Can I touch you hair? I love your lips. I love your eyes!'"

    But no matter how many woman throw themselves at the Irish twins who found fame on The X Factor, the 18-year-olds have their hearts set on just one lady - Cheryl Cole:

    Edward said: "It's really weird when you have a famous person that you like and you know they're married and you can't go there but now it's all open." John added: "Cheryl's single."

    However, it seems Edward has read the reports claiming Cheryl is now dating Derek Hough: "Isn't she meant to be going with that dude or some random guy?" To which John piped up: "Watch out!"