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    Palestinian Man Shot by Turkish Embassy Security Guards


    by NTDTelevision

    A Palestinian man has broken into the Turkish embassy in Israel and held the consul-general and his wife hostage for two hours. The Palestinian was demanding Turkey grant him political asylum.

    A Palestinian man was shot and wounded by Turkish embassy security guards on Tuesday after breaking into the mission in Tel Aviv and holding hostages.

    The Palestinian held hostage the Turkish consul-general and his wife for some two hours.

    They managed to escape after Turkish security officers shot and wounded the Palestinian, who was armed with a gun and a knife.

    He remained in the embassy where he barricaded himself in a room.

    The man, named as Nadim Injaz, said he would detonate a bomb unless he was given asylum in Turkey.

    The man also had weapons, explosives and gasoline.

    Israeli police officers and embassy security men were trying to convince him to surrender.

    It appeared the man entered the embassy through an open window on the ground floor.

    According to Israeli media, the man was released from an Israeli jail two weeks ago after completing a four-year sentence for breaking into the British embassy in 2006 to demand asylum.

    The man demanded Turkey grants him political asylum as he was wanted by Palestinian security officials because he had worked as an informer for the Israeli security services.

    Israeli police blocked a major seaside road outside the embassy and several ambulances were at the scene.

    Violent political incidents are rare in Israel's commercial capital, where all countries locate their embassies. Consulates in Jerusalem also rarely encounter political violence.