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    Six Ways to Get Kids to Try New Foods


    by CTCSG

    For most parents, finding ways to encourage their picky eaters to try and enjoy new foods is a top priority. In fact, a recent survey showed more than 68 percent of registered dietitians who counsel new parents frequently receive questions about getting finicky eaters to eat at mealtime. And now, faced with a new school year, busy parents need more help than ever to ensure a nutritious, fast and convenient solution.

    To help parents conquer mealtime battles, Tyson Foods and Robin Miller, author and Food Network host of Quick Fix Meals, offer the following "nuggets" of mealtime wisdom and finger food suggestions to help provide balanced nutrition and please even the pickiest of eaters - watch the video to learn these tricks:

    1. Hands-on Food
    2. Name Games
    3. Muffin Tin Meals

    To learn more "nuggets" of mealtime wisdom from moms and Robin Miller, visit