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    Landslide Wreaks Havoc in Northern India


    by NTDTelevision

    Flashfloods and a landslide destroy a major highway in northern India. Tourists were left stranded, as it would take a few days to repair the road.

    Heavy rains caused flashfloods and a landslide in India's Uttarakhand state on Monday, damaging a major highway and disrupting traffic flow.

    Officials say landslides have been causing problems every year.

    [Piyush Rotela, Director, Disaster Management Unit]: (male, Hindi)
    "Basically it's a landslide in Lambagarh affecting other areas also. These areas are already landslide-prone. Every year, somewhere or the other, land subsidence or landslide takes place here, which blocks the National Highway very often."

    Meanwhile, thousands of tourists are stranded, because it’ll take a few days for traffic to resume.

    [Neeraj Semwal, District Magistrate, Chamoli]: (male, Hindi)
    "New renovation work has begun and people from border roots are also involved. It would take at least two days to rebuild the road."

    There were no casualties on the road, but the rubble affected the movement of locals, pilgrims and tourists.