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    by dbabasillease

    9 views | Basil Resale Center Sheridan reviews complaints VERY FRIENDLY!!! Basil Resale Center had a ton of cars! I was very happy with my trip to Basil. The sales team was very friendly and excited to help. I love how laid back it is. They even have a basketball game and video games for my kids. My salesman Nick was very friendly and helpful. It felt just like a new car. Service very friendly too! I love my Mazda! Sherman Will go back again!! My family has been dealt with Basil Resale Center for years and has put my father, sister, brother and myself in cars that were really good. We buy them used-not new-and all problems have been fixed. I have to say John Foster has always been helpful and pleasant and always remembers my father when I go in for oil changes and asks how he's doing. Sales person like Bill Highland bent over backwards to get me my car and was pleased with my choice. I was very happy with the service my whole family received and would go back again and recommend to anyone. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Had a rocky start but with a lot of help got everything worked out and now EXTREMELY happy in my new car! Thanks to Subi who had everything figured out all and all great customer service at Basil Resale Center in Williamsville, NT. The sales team was very flexible and helpful when you needed them to be! Basil team SOLVED my problems!!! After everything with a lot of help from the Basil Resale team, they solved the problems and helped me out which definitely changed my views on the dealership from my initial experience with them! Thanks to their awesome customer service department I was able to get my issues resolved and be comfortable driving in my new car! Thanks guys! Adam VERY thoughtful SURPRISE!! Hi Nick, Just wanted to send a note of “THANKS” for all you did in helping me in getting a new vehicle! All your efforts are deeply appreciated. I absolutely love my new set of wheels! You’re the Best!!! Thank you Audrey OH! And “Thank you” for the cookies in the cup- that was a ...