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    Violent Storms Hit Russia and Czech Republic


    by NTDTelevision

    Heavy storms hit areas of eastern Europe wreaking havoc and causing severe damage, including in parts of Russia. It comes as the country stuggles cope with the worst heat wave in a century.

    Enormous hail stones littered the streets of Prague on Sunday night brought by a violent storm that lasted only 30 minutes.

    Six people were injured, as property and hundreds of cars were damaged in the hailstorm.

    Water had to be drained from basements and garages, and fallen trees and branches were cleared from the city streets.

    This restaurant owner tallied up damages to his property.

    [Unidentified Restaurant Owner]: (Czech)
    "The hail stones were all over here, they broke the glass here, they broke the umbrellas, damaged the roof."

    Meanwhile a storm raged through northwest Russia, including here in St Petersburg, causing widespread destruction and leaving almost 100,000 people in 1,500 towns and villages without electricity.

    Forecasters say the thunder, rain, and hail storm may reach the Moscow region.

    The storm comes on the heels of Russia's worst heat wave in over a century.