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    Neurosurgeon David A. Herz, MD, FACS Reflects on His ...

    Cambridge Who's Who

    by Cambridge Who's Who

    Dr. Herz is a board-certified neurosurgeon, a clinical professor in the department of surgery at Michigan State University as well as an author of numerous medical articles. In addition to doing a broad range of neurosurgical (and micro-neurosurgical) operations, Dr. Herz has specific interests in the fields of rehabilitation, pain management, occupational medicine, tumors, and medical socio-economics. He has published widely in these areas. Dr. Herz's work in spine surgery was first nationally published and recognized in 1973 and has continued. Dr. Herz has lectured and published in many scientific fields on several subjects. He is internationally recognized for research in, and treatment of, severe muscle spasms associated with paralysis. Dr. Herz was the first person in Michigan to use the laser for brain tumor operations. He has had long-term involvement with brain tumor surgery and is skilled in computer assisted stereotactic brain operations for disorders of all types. For a list of the abstracts, presentations and publications authored or co-authored by Dr. Herz,