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    Suicide bomber kills army recruits in Iraq


    by ODN


    A suicide bomber has killed dozens of army recruits and soldiers at a military recruitment centre in the Iraqi capital.

    The number of people killed in Baghdad has reached 47, with 77 wounded, according to the Deputy Health Minister.

    However, it is feared the death toll could rise further.

    One army source who did not want to be identified said there might have been two suicide bombers, a hallmark of Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and its local affiliates.

    The source said: "They (the recruits) were gathering in large numbers. They let in 250 recruits at a time."

    The bloodshed is the latest in a steady drumbeat of attacks since a March 7 election produced no outright winner and as yet no new government.

    It comes as American troops are being pulled out of the country this month.