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    Divine Plans - Divinity Incarnate & Story of the Pa ...

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-08-12 1st Journal, Mayan day 13 Flint TRANSCRIPT: NOTE: Transcript includes links, including to Little Grandmother lecture ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: Do things become clearer for me? They seem to, but I don’t know, really. Things are still so fuzzy, having to depend so on intuition and just sensing. Things are not clearly seen, yet. I suppose they will be at some point. Our DNA is being restructured, and what will come out of it, compared to the double-helix matrix, will be as gods. Gaia’s ley lines are being rejuvenated and healed, everywhere. Native Wisdom Keepers are assisting in this - as are those in other dimensions. We have much unseen help. We are too warlike, as a planet, for many to want to be seen. The Secret Government still retains too much control over us, as a populace. People live both in fear and in the mind too much. This is done with intention by the controllers. It is great, grand, and wonderful that so many of us are arising from our long sleep. So many Rip Van Winkles, we are, waking up. Like him, it is for us a new world we awaken into. We are adjusting - gaining our feet, our sea legs - on this grand new adventure. We are behind time, is all. The dark force coming in and taking the planet over by force, by war, was not a part of the original plan. Where free will reigns, though, anything can happen. So, what is a plan? Who designs it? Who are the keepers of it? How does that work? Well, don’t expect any great answers from me - I’m just one of you, remember, ho ho ho. However, I’ll be glad to share my musings on that. There are plans, and then there are plans. Remember, there are many dimensions or densities - levels, if you will - and all are populated with beings, with life. Though this life is radically different - in some ways it’s not. All is, underneath everything, just One... Distributed by Tubemogul.