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    How Internet Marketing Works: 3 Steps For Success


    by webermarketing

    1. You must have the means of creating a site that can be easily modified and added to on a regular basis. One plan is hiring and keeping on retainer a competent designer who can make changes and all future updates. This plan is not cheap. It will require significant up- front and ongoing investment. But if you have the cash and a competent designer who understands your needs AND he or she knows how to create a site that attracts traffic, this is the best option. However, for those without the cash for the above, it’s vital to find a system for creating and updating the web site as easily as possible. Even if you decide to later outsource everything, I think it’s important, at least in the beginning, to have the basic knowledge of how publishing the site works. Only then can you effectively delegate the work later to assistants. 2. Secondly, your site is worthless unless it has visitors who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. For example, if you have a local plumbing business in Florida, you don’t usually care if someone in Texas stumbles upon your site. I could give many examples of what I mean, but I’m sure you get the point. Whether you hire your site design out or you do it yourself, you MUST know how to get the traffic your site needs to succeed. Marketing with a web site is NOT a “Build it and They Will Come”. 3. Lastly, once the site is made and quality traffic is arriving, your offer HAS to work! Whether your site’s purpose is to generate leads or to actually sell products or services, it MUST convert some of the visitors to new leads or sales! Site owners must know how to craft an offer and to properly gather and follow up with leads generated. The site must satisfy a potential customer’s needs. The site must in some way put that potential customer into contact with you. Either by making a sale or just collecting a lead, the site has to perform in order for online success to occur.