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    Slimmer loses seven dress sizes


    by ODN

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    A 23-and-a-half stone teenager has lost almost half of her body weight.

    Kelly Meager, who used to suffer from dangerously high blood pressure and high cholesterol went from a size 26 to a size 12 in two years.

    The fine art student at the University for Creative Arts in Canterbury has been named Slimming World's Young Slimmer of the Year 2010 after losing 10st 9lbs.

    The 21 year old said: "You're supposed to have the time of your life at uni but I just hid in my room and lived off takeaways. I didn't feel 19. I felt old, overweight and unhealthy."

    "I finally feel young. I'm loving life for the first time ever and have probably added years to my life too, so I want to make the most it."

    It was pictures from a night out that made Kelly decide to lose weight.

    "When I saw the pictures the next day on Facebook I was horrified - I looked huge. I started refusing offers to go out and my room became my prison," she said.

    Ms Meager joined a slimming club, started exercising and swapped her diet of takeaways for stir frys and pasta.

    She proved she could shed the pounds quickly by losing six-and-a-half pounds in her first week at the slimming club.